Media Kit

The Town of Chapel Hill’s North-South Bus Rapid Transit is the planned 8.2-mile line along one of the town’s busiest and most vital thoroughfares stretching from Eubanks Road in the north to the popular Southern Village in the south. As the region’s first BRT system, N-S BRT will connect employees, students and residents to destinations throughout the town.

Here, members of the news media will find fact sheets, story ideas and contact information to guide their coverage of this project.

Fast Facts

BRT combines high-capacity buses with exclusive traffic lanes and traffic signal priority to decrease travel times and improve the rider experience.  BRT is efficient and enhances transit service by providing more frequent buses, shorter travel times and more reliable service.

The Town of Chapel Hill’s N-S BRT will also be the first BRT system in the state.

Location: 8.2 mile corridor from Eubanks Road Park & Ride to the Southern Village Park & Ride lot.

Hours of Operation:
5:00 am – 11:00 pm during the week
8:00 am – 11:00 pm on the weekend

Days of Operation: 7 days a week

One Way Frequency of Service:
Every 8 minutes during the day
Every 10 – 20 minutes early morning and at night

Estimated Average Daily Ridership: 8,575

Number of BRT Vehicles: 12

Estimated Cost to Build: $140M – Cost is dependent upon the final design of the corridor and timing of construction.

The project qualifies for Federal Transit Administration Small Start Funds, which will provide $100M for the project. The non-federal share will provide $40M ($35M has been requested from NCDOT with the additional funding provided by the Orange County Transit Plan).

Annual Operating Costs: $3.4M

Station Area Population Density: 2,297 (per sq. mile)

Station Area Job Density: 8,195 (per sq. mile)