Get on board with BRT!

Connecting Employees, Students, Residents, and Visitors


The N-S BRT project will benefit BRT riders,
cyclists and pedestrians. Sidewalks, bike paths
and multi-use paths will be provided along much
of the corridor, providing safe and easy access
between travel modes.


Conceptual visual displays were created to illustrate the proposed conditions for the intersection of N. Columbia St and W. Rosemary St.

Transit Supported

The N-S BRT project team led by AECOM
and Dover Kohl held a series of community events in
2019 to gather input and ideas that would be
used to shape and inform the route’s stations
and nearby areas.

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What is the North-South
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

The Town of Chapel Hill’s North-South Bus Rapid Transit (NSBRT) is the planned 8.2-mile line along one of the town’s busiest and most vital thoroughfares stretching from Eubanks Road in the north to the popular Southern Village in the south. As the region’s first BRT system, N-S BRT will connect employees, students, residents, and visitors to their regional connections and local destinations.

BRT combines high-capacity buses with exclusive traffic lanes and traffic signal priority to decrease travel times and improve the rider experience. BRT is efficient and enhances transit service by providing more frequent buses, shorter travel times and more reliable service.

Chapel Hill Transit

Latest news and information

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Transit Oriented Development

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Bus Rapid Transit Station Map

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Fact Sheet

Want to learn about BRT at glance? Take a look at the fact sheet.

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